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Project Associates

The consortium carrying out this project is a strong association of well-known international consulting firms under the leadership of RTE International (France): EDF-CIH, Hydro Engineering Centre (France), Nord Pool Consulting AS (Norway), Power Planning Associates (UK), Cabinet Franklin (France), Centre for Energy Environment Resources Development (Thailand).

Partnership was established with national consulting firms and independent consultants in five GMS Countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, PR China, Thailand and Viet Nam).

  • RTE International (Consortium leader)

RTE (Réseau Français de Transport d’Electricité) was set up on July 1st, 2000, by the Law of 10th February 2000, concerning the modernization and development of public service electricity. The Law set out the organization of the French electricity market, and made RTE, the public transmission system operator, an independent entity within Electricité de France (EDF), separate from the Group’s other activities. All of the network installations and most of the skills and competences required to operate the public electricity transmission system were thus grouped together at RTE and separated from EDF production, distribution and supply activities.

For more than 50 years, RTE has designed, developed, operated and maintained the French Transmission System. The French transmission network structure obeys a pattern common to all European countries, including those of ex-CENTREL.

As a utility in charge of operating the French power grid, RTE has been since the beginning customer oriented and committed to a secure and reliable operation of the French power system in the new European competitive market environment.
On 1st of September 2005, RTE became a separate limited company, subsidiary of the EDF Group, whose capital is held entirely by EDF, the State or other undertakings or organizations belonging to the public sector.

Since September 2006, RTE International, a subsidiary company whose capital is held entirely by RTE, has been set up. RTE International is dedicated to managing all the RTE’s international services. Furthermore, RTE International promotes and formalizes by contract RTE’s business in foreign countries and, as previously, consulting, engineering and training services are achieved by RTE experts. On the international scene, RTE brings together a staff of about 8,000 persons spread out in Operational Units and Headquarters Departments.

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  • EDF Hydro Engineering Centre (EDF-CIH)

Created in 1946, Electricité de France (EDF) became by decree dated November 17th 2004, a company limited by shares, 70% owned by French State. With 27 million customers in France and 40 million in Europe (98% of its revenues) and with a total sales of 59.6 billion Euros in 2007, the Group confirmed its sound financial position with profit amounting to 5 605 million €.

EDF has participated in the construction of more than 600 hydroelectric schemes in France and the rest of the world. These skills and this experience are brought together at the Hydro Engineering Centre (CIH), which is based in the Savoie Technolac science park, in the heart of the French Alps. Engineers and technicians have ensured the complete engineering services for the majority of the hydropower installations from the design stage to commissioning.

Furthermore, EDF-CIH has developed specific skills in all fields linked to the engineering of hydro projects, whether they be old or new : water resource economy and management, energy master plan, power analysis, production optimization, cost evaluation, hydrology, hydraulics, sediment transport, geology and geotechnics, topography, civil engineering, mechanics and electricity, automatic control system, environmental impact studies, administrative and regulatory procedures, organization and inspection of the works. The total workforce of the CIH numbers approximately 700, and more than three hundred are engineers.

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  • NORD POOL Consulting A.S.

Nord Pool Consulting (NPC) is a specialist consulting firm providing technical and management consulting services within the electricity business world-wide. NPC specialises in design and development of market and regulatory institutions, power exchanges, benchmarking and performance enhancement programs for power utilities, cross-border trading mechanisms, network pricing and regulation, and techno-economic simulation of power markets.

Recent and current assignments for NPC include the development of regional electricity markets in India, Nepal, Turkey, 12 SADC countries in SAPP, the Southern African Power Pool, Ireland, national versus regional exchange for Hungary, and the SEEPEX implementation for Romania. In addition NPC is also involved in testing of the market mechanisms for NORNED inter-connector between Netherlands and Norway. NPC has also historically had several other projects in the region, for example in Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

The services provided by NPC covers the project cycle from, Feasibility Studies, Techno-Economic Market Simulations, Institutional design, IT-implementation and Training of key personnel. NPC has a core of senior consultants with extensive international experience. In addition the Company acts with support from its active industrial owners who provide their competence, expertise and personnel to NPC and their projects. The owners, which in total comprise some 700 employees, supply NPC with highly qualified technical and management professionals with wide operational experience from the electricity industry.

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  • Power Planning Associates (PPA)

PPA Energy is an energy sector consultancy, which was established in 1997. The founding Directors formed the Company with the vision of tackling the strategic issues surrounding energy infrastructure, markets and businesses internationally, with a particular focus on the electricity sector. The company has undertaken assignments in more than 70 countries across the UK, Europe, the Americas, South Asia, Africa and the Far East. Our projects have been undertaken for a wide range of clients including private investors, multilateral lending agencies, utilities, governments and regulators.

Our markets practice specialises in the development of regional electricity markets and trading arrangements, including the associated market structures, rules and codes. Our experience covers the UK and Ireland, the Nordic market, Central Europe, South America, Asia and Southern Africa, and we have worked for regulators, market operators, and private market participants. PPA Energy has extensive skills and experience in transmission pricing for deregulated electricity systems and tariffs for cross-border trading, and also has the capability to undertake pricing studies for congestion management and ancillary services markets. We also have expertise in the application of regulatory regimes for power utilities operating under various competitive market models.

Our expertise in electricity sector planning include long term least-cost investment planning, covering demand forecasting, evaluation of alternative energy sources, generation, transmission and distribution of energy (including evaluation of interconnection opportunities), reliability assessments, energy pricing, tariff design, economic and financial analysis.

The principal staff of PPA are all experienced in the provision of training and technology transfer in connection with the above services and have run courses both in the UK and overseas.

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  • Cabinet FRANKLIN

Founded in 2000, Franklin was conceived as an independent, top-quality alternative to the Paris offices of large international networks. Franklin provides its French and international clients with the expertise of over fifty lawyers whose practices cover the main areas of business law.

Franklin’s manner of practising law is designed to meet the demands of a diverse clientele comprised of French and foreign companies, public entities and international institutions.

Most of the firm’s partners and associates complemented their French legal studies with additional studies at prestigious universities, typically in the US, or professional training with leading foreign law firms. All of the partners, two of whom are American, have worked in internationally-focused law firms their entire career. Some of the partners and associates are members of several bars, typically Paris and New York. All of them provide services in French and in English on a regular basis (some of our attorneys also speak German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Kannada and Turkish).

The firm is regularly recognized in industry sector and legal publication rankings as one of only a handful of top independent business law firms in Paris.

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  • Centre for Energy Environment Resources Development (CEERD)

The Centre for Energy Environment Resources Development (CEERD) is part of the Foundation for International Human Resource Development (FIHRD), a Thai Foundation which is supported by the Royal Thai Government (RTG). Since 2002, the Centre conducts Training, Research and Consultancy on energy-environment economics, planning, modeling, policy, markets, and technology in the framework of international cooperation projects in Asia and the Pacific, with special emphasis on the APEC, ASEAN and GMS regions.

In 2003, CEERD has been endorsed as a member of the ASEAN Centre for Energy's (ACE) Network of Nodal Centres. CEERD assists ACE in initiating, organizing, and implementing activities to promote regional cooperation on energy and environment.

CEERD and its experts have more than 15 years of experience in the Asia Pacific Region in the field of energy and environment, and have built up strong links with key institutions in many countries in the Region. Its network includes government agencies, universities, NGOS and the private sector. CEERD's extensive knowledge of the region’s energy and environment markets has enabled it to conduct market surveys for energy and environment technologies. In connection with environmental protection, CEERD is also being involved in environmental audit, environmental engineering consulting, as well as in environmental norms and standards.

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