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Welcome to Asian Development Bank's Regional Technical Assistance (RETA) 6440 REG website: "Facilitating Regional Power Trading and Environmentally Sustainable Development of Electricity Infrastructure in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)"

This Project is financed by the Government of Sweden (SIDA). The aim of this RETA is to: (i) develop and adopt a road map for implementing the Regional Power Trade (RPT) and to agree on a regional power interconnection master plan; (ii) help GMS countries develop strategic integrated environmental conservation programs; (iii) build on the results of this work and extend it to environmental planning and environmental monitoring of future power projects during their construction and operation.

The project activities will be implemented over a period of 18 months.


The construction of a regional electric power system is a major concern and challenge for all the countries of the GMS zone. Indeed, the regional electricity sector has to:

  • Cope with a strong growing demand;
  • Improve performances in management and the financial capacities of the electricity companies, and restore the necessary economic confidence allowing the development of private investments in the long term;
  • Whilst limiting the environmental impacts and by promoting the energy efficiency.

Following the signing of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Power Interconnection and Trade in September 2003, the Regional Power Trade Coordination Committee (RPTCC) was established. It oversees the establishment of the regulatory, institutional and commercial framework for power trade in the GMS.

This program has been largely supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which plays a central role of coordination and independent mediation in order to direct the discussions and facilitate decision-making. It co-chairs as such the RPTCC.

Project Objectives

Within the context briefly described above, the general objectives of the Project are:

1. To establish a competitive and efficient regional power market;
2. To ensure proper control of environmental impacts while developing power projects for regional power interconnection and trading;
3. To work towards consensus on a future eco-efficient regional power trading scheme.

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Project Associates

The consortium carrying out this project is a strong association of well-known international consulting firms under the leadership of RTE International (France): EDF-CIH, Hydro Engineering Centre (France), Nord Pool Consulting AS (Norway), Power Planning Associates (UK), Cabinet Franklin (France), Centre for Energy Environment Resources Development (Thailand). Partnership was established with national consulting firms and independent consultants in five GMS Countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, PR China, Thailand and Viet Nam).

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